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United States
Current Residence: Hogwarts (If only...)
Print preference: Large, cuz I'm blind! I CANNAHS SEE!
Favourite genre of music: 80's, Glee, and musical soundtracks
Favourite photographer: Check out Davenit and Stridestberg!
Favourite style of art: Stick figures...cuz they're sexy
Operating System: THE REVERSE COSA CLAW!!!
MP3 player of choice: Mickey! Mickey died...then it was Sherry, now it's Amadeus. Mickey's still my favorite...:
Shell of choice: Hermit Crab
Skin of choice: My own. Muhahaha
Favourite cartoon character: Kyo Sohma, Bart Simpson, Milhouse Vanhouten, Roger Rabbit/Jessica Rabbit, Kyouya, Kenny McCormick
Personal Quote: "Fiction cannot stop true love, all it can do is delay it for awhile."
  • Mood: Joy
Originally this survey was "give me a number and I'll answer the corresponding blurb" but I'd rather save the time and just answer them here. Enjoy, talk to me about it.

1. My favorite musical
Ffft. I don't even know. I get really excited over productions of RENT, Phantom of the Opera, and Fiddler on the Roof.

2. My least favorite musical
Well, I'm saving one for another question but...I wasn't really fond of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. I don't know why.

3. A showtune that describes my current relationship status/how I feel about my current relationship status
I'm Not That Girl from Wicked (I wish it were Suddenly Seymour from Little Shop of Horrors, but whatcha gonna do?)

4.The first show I saw
Hmm. I'm just going to go with a fancy one and say Phantom of the Opera. Seems better than to include my grade school's suckfest of The Elephant Child (at least I think that's what it was called).

5. A show I saw recently
Well, I stage-managed Camelot, so I saw that a whole hell of a lot.

6. A role I've played
I was the cow covered in flour in my seventh grade production of Into the Woods and was cast last-minute. I'd only ever be the Emcee from Cabaret, Christine from POTO, or Audrey from Little Shop if I were to go on stage again.

7. Lyrics from a showtune
"You fold his hands, you smooth his tie, you gently lift his chin. Were you really so blind, and unkind to him? Can't help the itch to touch, to kiss, to hold him once again. Now to close his eyes, never open them again. A shadow passed, a shadow passed. Yearning, yearning for the fool it called a home. All things he never did were left behind, all the things his mama wished he'd bear in mind, all his dad had hoped he'd know.
The talks you never had, the Saturdays you never spent. All the grown-up places he never went, and all of the crying you wouldn't understand. You just let him cry, 'make a man out of him.'"
- Left Behind, Spring Awakening. The darker side of showtunes, if you ask me. Telling of the subtle neglect of parents whose son committed suicide.

8.How I discovered my love for theatre
Haha odd, no one's ever asked me this before, even though I've been doing it for 10 years. To be honest, there was this boy I had a crush on that was a techie, so I thought I'd do the same to get to know him and spend time with him. Soon enough, he slacked and faded but my love for the theatre stayed and grew. Some days I wonder why, but in the end I know the seductive call of the mistress Theatre and how you can never really leave her.

9. A dream role
I want the Emcee in Cabaret more than any other role, even if it's typically a male role. I'd LOVE to sing Wilkommen and If You Could See Her Through My Eyes.

10. A theatre superstition I believe in
Saying "break a leg" instead of "good luck." NEVER say "good luck." I also believe in using the correct "theatre" when you mean a stage production.

11. A show I'm currently obsessed with
None. They're all just kind of steady loves.

12. A Broadway star I adore
Kristin Chenoweth. I'd probably pee myself and die, in a blissful pool of my own urine, if I could meet her. I LOVE Kristi Dawn.

13. A Broadway star I can't stand
God, whoever played the Original Broadway Cast Mimi from RENT. Daphne (I don't know her last name. Don't even care enough to google it) sounded like a bag of cats hitting a baby. I laughed when on Big Bang Theory, they criticized Penny's rendition of Out Tonight because she was WAAAY better than Daphne.

14. A show that I love, but everyone else doesn't
Repo! The Genetic Opera. It's hard to get other people into it.

15. A show I despise, but everyone else adores it
 "A Chorus Line" I HATED the movie of it. It has only three good songs, if we're being generous and has the stupidest plot I've ever heard of (and I've read Marisol). I'm also not a fan of West Side Story. And I'm starting to resent the songs from Sweeney Todd, but I'm not sure why. I once loved it. Saw the movie, bought the soundtrack, saw it staged, did a stage production and now I can't stand the music.

16. A production I'd NEVER do again
Camelot. Quick scene changes with big pieces, not enough crew, not enough competence, way to many things to go wrong, uneven scenes, too damn-catchy songs.

17. The best production I've ever been in
Well I do backstage. The best experience I've probably ever had was with my final high school play, which was the first I stage managed: See How They Run. We had a lot of funny behind-the-scenes stuff, a great cast (with one exception) and it was an amusing play with a gorgeous set. I couldn't have asked for more.

18. Favorite score
I'm not really musically-inclined enough to answer this question or the next one, really. I do like the instrumental music from Phantom of the Opera and Fiddler on the Roof, though.

19. Favorite overture

20. A showtune I used to love, but now hate
All but Green Finch and Linnet Bird and Not While I'm Around from Sweeney Todd.

21. My favorite Broadway Diva
Kristin Chenoweth, again. But if we stray from that, I like Idina Menzel, Audra McDonald, and Sarah Brightman.

22. Favorite composer
I guess Andrew Lloyd Webber. Maybe Terrance Zdunich.

23. Top 5 played showtunes on my iPod
Maybe This Time-Cabaret (Done by Kristin Chenoweth on Glee, though).
Goodnight My Someone-Music Man (Kristin Chenoweth)
Not All Man-When Pigs Fly (David Pevsner)
The Bitch of Living-Spring Awakening (John Gallager Jr.)
Shaft of Love-When Pigs Fly (Original Cast)

24. A show I'd kill to be in, even in just the ensemble
None. I don't really do the stage bit. And I certainly wouldn't settle for ensemble. I'd either get one of the three roles mentioned above or go back to teching for it. Phantom would be cool to tech, but probably really difficult.

25. A show that closed prematurely
RENT. I know it ran for like 12 years, but that still doesn't feel long enough.

26. A show that shouldn't be on Broadway/tour anymore
Cats. I know it IS gone, but it should've gone sooner. To be fair, I haven't seen it, but it sounds just awful.

27. A show that I used to adore, but now hate
Hm... I don't think there is one, actually. I either didn't "adore" a show in the first place or I don't hate it now, if I did adore it at some point.

28. A closed show I wish I had seen
I don't know. I've been pretty lucky in what shows I've seen. I've seen off-Broadway Phantom, Wicked (which is a techie's wet dream), Fiddler with Harvey Fierstein, and RENT with original actors in their original roles (Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp). I don't think I'd ever want to go see a show actually on Broadway. I don't ever intend to go to New York.

29. A show I really want to see right now
Motherfucking Book of Mormon. I tried to get tickets when they went on sale here and the site just crashed. Couldn't get through. And bullshit.

30. My favorite showtune
This is a hard question. But I'd probably have to say "Your Daddy's Son" from Ragtime. I could listen to it over and over. It has so much emotion and you HAVE to be a good singer to pull it off.

31. My least favorite showtune
Pretty much anything from A Chorus Line.

32. A show with a great storyline
I like Wicked's "here are all these background events that tie in with the story you know and love." I also like the storyline of RENT. Particularly Angel and Collins' love. And if we're going for non-musicals, I LOVE The Gifted Program. It has a great storyline because it's all about nerds! :heart:

33. What 3 Broadway Celebrities (actors, directors, composers, etc.), dead or alive, I'd pick to have dinner with
Well, Kristin Chenoweth's a given. Wilson Jermaine Heredia. Bette Middler.

34. A Broadway star I'd say is my idol
Kristin Chenoweth. Haven't we been over this like 6 times now?

35. My favorite recording of a show (for example: preferring Gypsy with Ethel Merman over Gypsy with Bernadette Peters, etc.)
I really like the movie version of Fiddler on the Roof. I've seen 4 Tevyas now and nobody does If I Were a Rich Man quite like Topol.

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